Rabbit Capital Management is an investment advisor using proprietary intelligence methodologies, due diligence fact-finding and sophisticated financial analysis to identify overvalued companies with a high chance of incurring regulatory fines.


In 2012, the SEC fined HSBC Bank a record $1.9 billion dollars for helping to launder dirty money from terrorists and drug cartels. The record fine represented only five weeks of HSBC’s profits (a slap on the wrist), and nobody went to jail. Corporate America learned from HSBC that fines were simply a cost of doing business, and it was cheaper to pay than to restructure and comply with the law.
The U.S. Government has cultivated an environment where publicly traded companies are willing to break the law and pay a fine. Meanwhile, shareholders pay the true price as their stock values plummet. Rabbit Capital Management and Rabbit Alpha are taking full advantage of the compliance and regulatory environment to identify vulnerable companies.


Rabbit Alpha, LLC is a hedge fund managed by Rabbit Capital Management, LLC. The fund uses equities, derivatives, and debt financial instruments to establish positions focusing on companies vulnerable to regulatory penalties and other damaging events.

Everett A. Stern

Hedge Fund Manager, CEO and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit, Former U.S. Senate Candidate, HSBC Whistleblower
Everett Stern is the chairman of Rabbit Capital Management and the Hedge Fund Manager of Rabbit Alpha. He has received extensive international media coverage, and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and on the Netflix’s documentary series, “Dirty Money.” As the whistleblower in the HSBC money-laundering scandal, he uncovered illegal transactions from drug dealers and terrorists that led to an SEC investigation and a record $1.9 billion fine against HSBC in 2012. Stern went on to found Tactical Rabbit, a private intelligence agency that provides clients with actionable business intelligence. Stern ran for U.S. Senate in 2016, and earned his MBA from Stetson University.

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